Blessed is he who trusts Mary and does everything to please her.

History of congregation

The Congregation of the Worker Sisters of the Immaculate Conception, usually named “Conceptionists”, was born from a divine inspiration…

Mission and charisma

Our Congregation of Sisters Pious Workers of the Immaculate Conception was born on December 8, 1744 in Ascoli Piceno from the ardent love…

Community in the world – Italy

The congregation is engaged in numerous charitable, pastoral and educational activities with offices in Italy, Brazil, the Philippines and Madagascar.

Marian Saturdays

The Pie Sisters of the Immaculate Conception propose to the students,…

Luci di Maria

“Luci di Maria” is the bimonthly magazine of the Congregation of the Pious Workers of the Immaculate which, since 1982, replaces “Apis argumentosa” born in 1929. It is addressed to all the communities of the Pie Operaie in Italy and in the world, to the parish priests community, to the families of the students and to all those interested. Each issue includes biblical columns, spirituality, pedagogy, studies on the figure of the Venerable Francesco Antonio Marcucci and the life of the various communities.  


Luci di Maria
January – February 2018

Luci di Maria
March – April 2018

Luci di Maria
May – June 2018

Luci di Maria
July – August 2018

Luci di Maria
September – October 2018